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Tom MacDonald

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With tens of millions of views under his belt and a fanbase growing by thousands every day, Tom MacDonald is quickly becoming a household name. After 10 years of releasing Tarantino quality music videos and countless projects, he finally struck gold with his viral single ‘DEAR RAPPERS’ - a conscious record that targeted the destructive nature of mainstream rap on today’s youth. 'DEAR RAPPERS' has since garnered 15 million views. To prove his consistency, Tom followed up with a second single, 'HELLUVIT' - a commentary on the division of hip hop fans and their impact on the music - and earned upwards of 30 million views. 

With content that targets everything from gun laws to racism, it’s clear that Tom isn’t afraid to raise hell. His highly-controversial process is carving out a die-hard fan-base. Fearless with his self expression, Tom goes from intense political commentary to moving spoken words about anxiety and depression. A modern-day-creative at the core, Tom's art has proven to know no boundaries. 

As a former professional wrestler, Tom brings the same in your face intensity to his music that he once brought inside a wrestling ring. To anyone who comes across Tom MacDonald in 2018, it should be obvious that they're witnessing the early stages of a groundbreaking artist who will undoubtedly take a seat with legends like Eminem and Kanye West.


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Canadian born and Jamaica raised, Nova Rockafeller is a veteran in the hip hop scene. She’s toured through Canada, the U.S. and Europe with the likes of RA The Rugged Man, ICP and Killa Priest. As a Los Angeles local, Nova made an entire EP with L.A. Legend DJ Nobody and had a month-long residency at one of L.A.’s premier Hip-Hop nights, Low End Theory. Additionally, her unique alt-rock/hip-hop sound has allowed her to cross over into the punk-pop scene and tour with the likes of All Time Low and perform at Toronto’s prestigious RiotFest.

Nova’s unique style boasts technical and engaging verses over upbeat records with huge hooks - while still maintaining her alternative roots. Not only is she an extremely hard-hitting MC, but she also has the ability to cross into mainstream with massive pop singles - which she has successfully demonstrated on multiple occasions.

After an album she made in her basement landed her a major record deal with Island Def Jam in 2013, it became clear that her talent and drive were both undeniable. Nova spent her teenage years living in group homes and getting repeatedly kicked out of school - she has truly been a rebel without a cause from the very beginning. Even so, working within the constructs of a major label proved to be no obstacle as her anti-pop, anti-industry, anti-rules pop smash, “Made In Gold”, climbed to #17 on Sirius Hits and secured syncs with The Duff, The Sims and a Rogers Canada commercial - as well as garnering millions of views and streams online.


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GFBF is the supergroup formed by real life couple Tom MacDonald and Nova Rockafeller. After establishing fanbases in hip hop, the duo ventures into new territory where they make high energy pop music focussed on anxiety and depression. Having already been booked alongside stars like Ty Dolla $ign and Common, and featured on Canadian Pop Radio,